Get Free Google Play Codes {18 Ways to Earn up to 100$}

Get Free Google Play Codes {18 Ways to Earn up to 100$}
Get Free Google Play Codes {18 Ways to Earn up to 100$}

Okay! So, you want the Free Google Play Codes? Well, read our full guide with more 15 proper working methods on how to get free Google Play Gift Cards. However, let’s shed a little on what it really is.

Google is now like the Pablo Escobar of the Digital Industry. Everyone is addicted to the Internet and uses Google to satisfy its whim! Jokes apart, one such subsidiary of the tech giant is the Google Play Store. It is the home of millions of Android Games, Apps, TV Shows, Music, Movies, Books, and whatnot!

After digging up some stats, I even found that the app section of Google Play Store is gigantic if you’ll compare it to the Apple’s App Store, Windows or almost extinct Blackberry’s.

Why do you need Free Google Play Codes?

But as you already know, all the amazing things come with a price tag. If you are an Android smartphone user, then you must’ve found that all great games and apps are premium, and you free versions don’t offer that much functionality.

For most of the time, you can easily make the most out of the free or lite versions, but if you ever purchase a premium app, you’ll find some remarkable functionalities that the developers include.

Now, this seems entirely justified to charge for your premium apps and services because that’s how most of the businesses work. Thinking about the time and energy invested by the developers makes it right. However, there’s a psychological fact that people tend to invest less on digital products.


Moreover, many app developers even charge you on a monthly basis so you can bear the cost of their services, but the amount usually overtakes your budget.

Luckily, for the people (like me :P) who cannot afford to purchase these premium apps, Google offers Google Play Gift Cards. Now, you can buy these gift cards to gift them to others and avoid doing direct transactions which require a Credit Card.

What is Free Google Play Codes?

I don’t think you would be here if you don’t already know what Google Play Gift Card is. You can directly skip to all the working and legal methods.

However, if you’re new to the Internet, Google Play Gift Cards are just like other Gift Cards (Amazon or PayPal), but you can use the Google Play Codes to purchase a plethora of objects from the Google Play Store. Get all those premium apps, your favorite games and movies, music, and books that you crave.

How to use Free Google Play Codes?

You can purchase the different amounts of these Google Play Codes ( say $10, $20, $25) and then you could redeem these cards codes to buy premium apps or game upgrades, movies, etc.

Most people gift the Google Gift Card Codes to their kids or friends as a present or usually greet around Christmas, Birthdays, Thanksgiving. Hoping that you won’t be gifting it your girlfriend on Valentine’s.

The best think about the Google Play Codes is that they don’t have any expiry date. So, you can keep them for months and use them to purchase whenever your favorite movie, book, or game releases on the Google Play Store.

I know, I know! You’re not reading this boring post just to build an urge your savings for the Google Play Gift Card Codes. No one likes to buy apps or games unless they’re increasing your productivity.


Moreover, even your Netflix subscription doesn’t last for more than six months if you are from an average middle-class family.


However, now comes the most interesting section which you were all been waiting for. Here are the best online methods which you can use to earn free Google Play Codes or Gift Cards without any fake trick, scam or theft. I prefer all these tricks because they all involve major popular apps and websites. So, let’s start!

One of the most popular reward portal websites on the Web, Swagbucks is the apple of my eye when it comes to winning free stuff. People love it not only because you can various types of rewards such as Freecharge Coupons, PayPal Money, Amazon Gift Cards, etc. but the website offers such amazing tasks that you can do to make money, more precisely earn free Google Play Codes

Swagbucks acts a mediator during the whole process. You earn Swags (points) whenever you complete a specific task job (which their advertisers sponsor). Once you can stack up enough points, you can then redeem the Swags for your free Google Play Codes.

The best thing about Swagbucks is the set of tasks that it offers. Unlike other sites where you just have to complete surveys, you can earn here by enjoying. Watch sponsor videos, play third-party games, completing exciting reviews, or even browse the Internet. The best feature that all the females would love is that you can also make money by shopping through their sponsor sites. I put Swagbucks on the of my list for getting free Google Play Codes because of all the fantastic tasks that it offers. You can spend hours by entertaining yourself there and make money within an hour of adventure.

IMPORTANT – You need to earn at least 5,000 Swagbucks points in exchange for a free Google Play Gift Card worth $50.


Instant Gift Cards or InstaGC for short is yet another popular platform which offers a little more versatility in the ways of getting free Google Play Gift Codes. You can earn them by simply completing surveys online, shopping through e-commerce websites, watching videos online, or just surfing different sites.

You’ll also make ten bonus points just by signing up, and simply put, 100 points are equivalent to $1. So, you can earn some 1000-2000 points within few days to get a free 10$ or 20$ free Google Play Gift Codes.

Now you might be wondering that how all these tricks could be free if I have to work for each of them? Well, nothing is free in this world.

Since you can earn points here by listening to music, using a product from sponsors, or even watching videos in most of the tricks, then why are you still complaining? Moreover, you don’t have invest or purchase anything.

Pssst. Here’s a trick that you can use in InstaGC. If you don’t already know, it supports a referral system! You can earn around 110 points for each referral. Invite around 10 people that you know, can be your friends and family members and get yourself a $10 free Google Play Gift Codes worth without doing anything.

If you’re not much of a smartphone gaming fan, then you can check out our official Free Robux Guide to earn some extra robux in Roblox Game.

Cubicer App Reward

Also known as Cubic Reward, Cubicer offers its users to get free Google Play Codes by installing and downloading different games and applications on your device. You can even get extra points by keeping the apps for more time.

Cubicer also offers referral system for your friends and family. Moreover, you can redeem your points in the form of PayPal Balance Cards.

Buying a Google Chromecast Device

Forget the Amazon Fire Stick, get yourself a Chromecast and get a free Google Play Gift Card. Not only this, you can still apply for the offer if you’ve previously purchased a Chromecast device in the past few months.

The total amount of Google Play Codes that you can win start from $5 and could be even $25. You can even check for all the offers by pressing the Google Home button on your Chromecast device.

Just check your eligibility and register yourself to redeem this free offer. To my knowledge, the latest offer is around $6-$10 for every device that you purchase. You can read more on

WHAFF Rewards

Earn free Google Play Gift Codes by WHAFF Rewards. Register with the platform by getting it from the Play Store and linking it to your Facebook account. You can then start earning points right away by downloading all the apps and game that WHAFF is sponsoring on the homepage. You can also win bonus points if you keep the app for more than 10-15 days.

The reward options vary from Google Play Codes to even Facebook Ads Cash, Free PlayStation Codes, and sometimes, crypto like Ethereum.


Using the websites would often require you to use your PC or laptop. How about using your smartphone to some real use? Well, AppNana is the thing that you’re gonna be using now!

It is an Android App service that gives you free reward points when you download and install other apps and games from the Google Play Store.

AppNana is one of my favorite apps because it gives you 400 points daily by just using the app. Earn free Google Play Gift Cards by playing Candy Crush or even Facebook. All you have to do is just download the apps which you see in the AppNana Dashboard.

Once you collect enough Nanas, you can then redeem them in exchange for Google Play Gift Codes, iTune Gift Cards, and even Amazon.

Using Google Opinion Rewards

I found this useful trick a while back. I and my friends are using this for quite a time now. All you have to do is just sign up for the Google Opinion Rewards. You can also find the app on Google Play Store, and all you need to do is just to take surveys. Fill up some survey forms that the Google Survey Team offers, and you will get instant rewards up to $1.

Google hosts some 5-6 surveys every week, and you can collect upto $20-$25 credits within few weeks. Unlike other platforms such as Swagbucks and InstaGC, you won’t find much offers happening here.

However, Google Opinion Rewards is a great place to get free Google Play Codes as the surveys that you see from their partners are quite impressive.

They even put up questions where you have to give your opinion on multiple choices. Select the favorite logos among fours, and stuff like that. The Credits expire after a year so that you can stack up enough credits till then.

I know that surveys are often boring, but they are still the best way to make few extra dollars in your meantime. I mean, you can at least hustle that much for your favorite apps and games.


Next up is the FreeMyApps for Android smartphones to earn free Google Play Codes. Similar to AppNana, all you have to do is to download the third-party apps that you see in the app.

In fact, most of these apps have a similar kind of business model. You can increase your points by inviting other people using the referral system in the app. Moreover, this app rewards points for watching YouTube videos online.

FreeMyApps claims to have more than $27 million worth of Gift Cards given to its users. Apart from this, they also offer in-game currencies for users as a reward like Clash of Clans Gems.


JunoWallet is most popular among mobile users because it rewards you free Google Play Codes in exchange of making calls other exciting jobs. You can get some win mystery rewards with large points. But you have to be fast as they disappear within 10 seconds.

Just like its competitors, JunoWallet features different apps and games from their sponsors and advertisers which you can download and install… Bla, Bla, Bla. You get the drill.

The one important secret to making some extra points for your free Google Play Codes in JunoWallet is by doing referrals. The more people you invite to the app, the more actively you play in the app, the more points you’ll make.

Apart from the Google Play Codes, you can redeem all these points for Amazon, iTunes Gift Cards as well.

Buy the Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Plus or Other Devices

I am not saying that you should purchase a high-end flagship smartphone worth hundreds of dollars just because you want a $10 Gift Card. But, if you or any of your family members already own a new Samsung device, then here’s good news!

Previously, Google was already offering free Google Play Codes with its devices like Pixel 2 or Google Home, but now it supports Samsung as well.

For the bigger smartphones, you can even get a free Google Play Code worth $25. You can also register your device and check the Samsung’s Official website for more details.

Become a Costco Member

A lot of us shop various daily needs from Costco, but did you know that they offer free Google Play Codes to their members.

Evidently, the wholesale store sometimes puts all the gift cards on sale for lower prices, and they often include Google Play gift cards!

Around Christmas and NewYear, Costco ran a promotion where all the members could easily win $50 and $100 free Google Play Codes for less than their price.

Just sign-up for the Costco Membership which costs around $50 for an annual membership. Moreover, if you already purchase from Costco, then you can urge your parents to join the membership for huge discounts during shopping.

During a particular promotion, you can purchase the Google Play Code of $100 for only $82.99! So, that’s $17.01 in Google Play Credits for free.

How to Use Your Google Play Codes?

I think you must be wondering how you redeem theme free Google Play Gift Card Codes. So, once you’ve stacked up enough points, you’ll receive them in your mail or the code directly in apps like AppNana, etc.

To redeem these Gift Card Credits, just follow the steps:

  • Login to your Google Play account via
  • Select the Game or App that you wish to purchase.
  • Accept the terms of the app and checkout to buy it.
  • Once, Google navigates to the payments method page, select the Google Play Gift Card balance.
  • Now, you to purchase the app or game, enter the unique code that you got from the above methods.

You can read more about the Terms and Conditions, and Payment option on Google’s Official Guide.

Final Words

So, this is all about the legal working methods on how to get free Google Play Codes using all the available third-party websites, apps, platforms and whatever you can rely on!

Do share your thoughts and let me know if you are aware of any other remarkable trick or hack that you wish to share with the community in the comment section below.



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